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Why Join LCI-UK?
  • Membership gives the opportunity to influence the future of Lean Construction in the UK through active involvement; where each person contributes to helping to improve and build a better UK construction industry.

  • Membership supports our regional groups and chapters. These groups/chapters allow attendees to gather knowledge, to speak to others who are dealing with similar situations, to network and to call on the expertise of more experienced members of the group.

  • Membership fees support our website which we are developing into the first point of call for information about Lean Construction in the UK.

  • Our growing membership and friends comprise of some of the most knowledgeable practitioners, consultants and academics in the field of Lean Construction.

  • To support a charity that is dedicated to the development and free promotion of Lean Construction and best practice in the UK for the benefit of all.
Becoming a member
You can enquire about membership here

Individual membership is open to everyone. The fee for an annual membership is £100 + VAT. An individual member has one vote at company meetings.

Academic membership is open to those working and/or studying at an academic institution in the UK and having an ‘ac.uk’ email address. At this time academic membership is free of charge. That is subject to change. Each academic institution has one vote at company meetings.

Corporate membership is open to companies in the UK and allows for 10 members with full individual membership rights for a fee of £500 + VAT.

Student membership is open to those studying at an academic institution in the UK and having an 'ac.uk' email address. LCI-UK Student membership is free. Please use this link to contact LCI-UK should you wish to register as a student member.

Members Area

Members Services
As you enter the LCI-UK members area you will gain access to the latest news and events, a calendar to help you schedule the up and coming events and activities, a document library, information about our annual UK summit and our official LCI-UK forum site.
Members can become involved with varied topics for discussion within our forum area and here you will be able to ask questions about Lean Construction and share knowledge and experience with others. We see this as a great resource for learning how other members are using Lean and a great way to learn new methods and tools for yourself and your company.
The LCI-UK members area will also provide you with a way to access our Lean certified e-learning courses. This valuable training resource, when chosen, will reside within your personal learning area for as long as you remain a member. These courses are designed to help you understand how to manage Lean projects effectively within your environment. You can view any of the course demo clips from here: